Silverchair (from Australia)

I’m not sure, if that’s the correct place to put this but I couldn’t find anything for bands outside of Japan.

Even though I barely listen to anything VK for years I want to introduce a band I love a lot even though there’s no activity for years and I don’t have hope for any ever again (as far as I know they just went on an infinite hiatus many years ago).
That band is Silverchair.
Three members from Australia who won a record deal in the middle of the 90’s and by this released their first album Frogstomp in 1995.
They’ve been very successful in Australia but outside almost no one seems to know them. I got introduced to them by a friend and I don’t know how she knew about them back in those days without internet and all that. xDD
Their music changed and evolved a lot throughout the years even though it weren’t that much to my liking with their last album but those four ones before were just really great.

You can find some of their music here.

Does anyone of you know them?

Oh, you mean this Silverchair?

I don’t know many of their songs, but Greatest View was my jam back when it came out. I was literally on the other side of the world, so I only know about them thanks to MTV lol

Now would be a good time to properly get into their discography. :smile:

Yeah, this Silverchair exactly. :smiley:
They’ve changed a lot througout their discography but it’s never to late getting into it.
I don’t even know what’s to be found online at least by vids.

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I found a lot of their old videos on youtube. Really enjoying their music so far!

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So glad to hear that. :smiley: