Similar Songs

Intentional or not, I believe we all have some songs that remember another

My first one:

I remember that at the time a lot of people were talking about it. If I’m not wrong Karyuu even admitted that he heard the song in the states and thought it was cool.


This one I have no idea if it is intentional or not, but the instrumentals, specially at the beginning… :eyes: :eyes:

And my last one:


There’s no video on YouTube with the song (only live versions with low quality), you can check the preview here:

I think this one is a little trickier to find, but the similarity is there in the back the neo version more than the old one). Mostly in the chorus.


LM.C - The Love Song
Gotcharocka - 4 minutes for you

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Okay what the heck hahahah

which one is older?



Well, a lot of the songs by Mercuria, Mother, 優薙, etc (projects by 夕薙), are inspire (or copies) by songs from Syndrome, DAS:VASSER, 弥叉, etc.

I love all these projects by 夕薙, because they are so kotekote shit <3, makes me happy listen these songs (that some of them are covers but without that name xD)


I thought Gotcharocka copied LM.C’s famous one lol
extreme deja vu isn’t it :crazy_face: when I heard 4 Minutes For You at first back in the days, I was totally shocked.
luckily, both are great, and I’m a fan of the anime “ぬらりひょんの孫” (Nurarihyon no Mago) originally.

This Plastic Tree song

obviously lifts its verses from Radiohead’s

I listen to Radiohead (a little bit) and Plastic Tree (way too much) so I thought I should clear the air on the claims that people make about this, here’s a comment I left on the Pura YT vid:

This isn’t an open cover because the booklet attributes the song composition to Tadashi. Plastic Tree has done an open cover of “Turn, Turn, Turn” by Pete Seeger called 祈り (Inori) (Pete Seeger is properly credited in the booklet) so I’m assuming that people are getting these mixed up. I’m not here to defend Plastic Tree because the verse melody has been obviously lifted from My Iron Lung but considering that Radiohead has lifted in a similar way before (Creep took its verse melody from The Hollies “The Air That I Breathe”) I find the outrage a little hypocritical lmao.

Here’s a lift that’s from one Visual band to another. Arlequin’s

really did try and lift from this Versailles classic

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal”

If you’re an MM fan then you’ve probably heard about this one. The verses on Kozi’s

are a clear homage (or copy if you aren’t feeling generous) to the verses on Mylene Farmer’s

The bassline and tambourine percussion on Kuroyume’s

is very similar to Iggy Pop’s

Though these are just passing similarities, no one can copyright something basic like that!

I’ll let someone else do Greiva and Guniw Tools ones…


Especially the opening riff, however I think it’s forgivable because there still are differences which is why it works for both bands despite their styles being different. Plus I like both of these songs, they’re fun during lives
Within the same band, Hayato-shi is very fond of reusing things. KARISUMA is basically just an homage to previous コドモドラゴン songs.


I might be insane but the bass on Itoshisa reminds me of a Kuroyume song

What do you think?

Nice cover DEG


Oh my, the Plastic Tree/Radiohead is really… lmao
I’m surprised but how similar they are

Btw, I love that album from Közi and I had to idea about the french song. Thanks!

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I think the only reason Pura hasn’t been sued is that Radiohead doesn’t know them lol. But even if they did know about the song, if Radiohead sent a cease and desist and Pura complied with no complaints (or if they took Pura to court) then they would get the royalties from a song that hasn’t been repressed in over 25 years and live performed in like 23 years… So they would get literally nothing lol. Or even if they sued for damages (ignoring the international issues they may face) despite Pura doing well for themselves they probably wouldn’t get the money they want. Like Vanilla Ice once said, “For someone that goes Gold (certified), it’s not even worth [the plaintiff’s] time to go and get a lawyer…”

And you’re welcome, I love that album too!

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Maximum the hormone’s What’s up people intro and the Gazette’s Ugly intro.

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The GazettE and Cuartet were both close with eachother, being brother bands, and they bounced a lot of idea off of eachother and share a lot of influences.


I wasn’t expecting to see Finntroll here… lol

I can’t believe I forgot this cali≠gari tune,

as soon as I first heard it, I knew that it sounds similar to… Well, do I even have to tell you guys about this legendary song?

I don’t know if this is a licensed sample or not but I like the homage :slight_smile: Prince is a part of my own CD collection too :heart_eyes: If it isn’t licensed at least cali≠gari is in the clear now, Prince was brutal with copyright stuff


國 立 少 年 - ク ラ マ シ

Nirvana smells like teen spirit

I swear this is exactly the same song

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In a case of someone outside of VK copying a VK band’s riff:

SILENT DIFFERENCE - CRIMSON DUST sounds a lot like lynch. - All this I’ll give you

SILENT DIFFERENCE - BELIAL end sounds a lot like Dir en grey - Pink Killer end

Same guy different band. LA KIA’s PRETENCE sounds a lot like Dir en grey - Unknown…Despair…a lost which in turn sounds similar to LUNA SEA’s G (but more of a homage than a rip off in Diru’s case)

Lycaon - INSANITY opening riff comes from System of a Down - Toxicity opening riff

Cat fisT - OBSCURITY sounds inspired by The GazettE - THE INVISIBLE WALL

A (ACE) - Black Butterfly owes its existence to Metallica - Enter the Sandman

and finally E’m~grief~ - Amentia lifts sections of

  • Progenies of the Great Apocalypse by Dimmu Borgir
  • Shat Out Of Hell by Cradle of Filth
  • Honey and Sulphur by Cradle of Filth
  • The Promise of Fever by Cradle of Filth

These two pairs of songs share the same riffs. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard them before, probably in classical music. Does anyone know where they come from? Timestamps included.

First riff:

Second riff:


Part of the guitar solo on Kiryu’s “Another side” is a cover of that one traditional Russian song from Tetris. So cute.


Pain after pain by The Thirteen
Opening synth sounds like Obscure MV opening by DEG and beginning riff sounds like the riff from 「溺れる魚」by Dadaroma.