sleepyhead to end activity

sleepyhead announced on 12.04 that by 03.17 which’s the 4th anniversary of the project activity will come to an end after a short last tour.


Takeru added a longer comment where he explains how he felt throughout at least the past two years and what led him to this decision. (at least, if I’m not mistaken)

never found any tunes that I liked from them. Sadly :frowning:


It weren’t really my cup of tea either. It’s not that I totally disliked what I tried but it was never enough to really keep me to listening to it. (That’s why I just found out about the activity to end just now not a week ago.)

It was a weak project musically, it had cool aesthetics but that’s it. Wonder where takeru will go next.


he had a few really cool songs and way too many fillers, unfortunately

While I hope he sticks around doing music somehow, I really believe he will focus on design n all, sadly

Please do a full Uwakimono album

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I liked the first release, but everything after wasn’t really enjoyable, some of it was horrible even.

so he finally went to sleep