Song Question

What is the 15th song on this flyer? It is from NAZARE and they done this show at CLUB SONIC mito(水戸SONIC). The reason why I am asking is because I never seen this song in any of their albums or anything is it a cover from the show or what??

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14 and 15 are Sadie’s songs. So they are likely Sadie covers.

Ah I didn’t know okay also thanks for telling me

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In case you’re wondering, the first one is read Meisai (迷彩) and both are on Sadie’s UNDEAD13+2.

What あおり, ラストあおり and ラストシメ is? I see this for first time

Well I never listened to Sadie before so I thought they were like super rare NAZARE songs and crap. It turns out you were 100% correct though, thank you for telling me what your know.