Songs that make the band cry

What are some of your band’s go to “crying” song if they have any. This is the song that they perform normally towards the end of their concert where 1 to all band members cry or break down. The vocalists sometimes stop singing all together and break down. I have been rewatching some live clips and maybe like half of the bands I see has this kind of song.

As few examples:

During the Jubilee era for Versailles, they would cry or tear-up to Serenade after Jasmine’s passing. And again during the Holy Grail’s Faith and Decision

Another is X Japan’s Without You/Art of Life/Endless Rain … actually they have a lot of crying song lol but Yoshiki tends to oversell it

To a lesser extent, Mejibray’s BI“name”JIKA during their last live


I listen to Faith & Decision while I run, it feels like a good motivational song to me. Serenade feels like a good Versailles crying song. I tend to find myself crying to 憂いの花が綴る愛 by Kamijo tho

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I thought we were talking about sad songs which I was going to throw in RENTRER EN SOI’s 神話, several GazettE and Diru that I won’t list since we’d be here all day, and others I can’t think of at the moment. Yeah trying to come up with songs that make bands cry isn’t that easy because I don’t recall it happening that often; Mejibray being the major in recent history, and YOSHIKI cries every concert so that’s nothing new. It’ll be interesting to see this list grow.

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A clip would be nice too. I don’t recall seeing Gazette or Diru cry over a song. I do see them get very emotional over performing a song.

A little OT but I can’t run on songs with too much changes in pacing, I end up changing my pace as well lol. I prefer something more constant.

I meant songs that make me cry, but I have seen live footage of members of The GazettE crying before.

Rentrer en soi’s STAY GOLD

Avelcain’s 千羽鶴

Kagerou - Nawa (Especially the version from their last live DVD)

girugamesh - crying rain (I mean, obviously… the title even tells you to cry. They played this song at their last concert abroad in Aschaffenburg and when we were waiting in line you could hear Ryo playing it on the piano in the backstage rooms on the second floor, he also posted a video of it later, but his instagram vanished?)

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Does this count? The last live with Bou was so damn heartbreaking for me :broken_heart:

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I could list songs where i cry or get emotional over, but for the band? :thinking: I don’t know if i know any


Aoi cries in the 15th anniversary performance of Miseinen:

Wakaremichi also tends to be one of their more sentimental, everyone-cry-together type of song.


The raw emotion in this… and it gets so intense towards the end.


My songs;

DIR EN GREY - Behind a vacant image

I guess it has to do with the lyrics and the great atmosphere that the song has-


a classic for me

MIYAVI - girls, be ambitious

I know it’s not a sad song, but something hits me with this one. i am ambitious

Plastic Tree - Makka na ito

in truth many songs of Plastic Tree can be worth me

Ling tosite sigure - Sergio Echigo

another one that is due to the aura that it transmits

I have many more songs, but well, to recommend a few ;D

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This reminds me that I forgot to add to my post are the instances where the bands stops playing all together and let the audience sing out the lyrics like in Phantasmagoria’s Last Live

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Honestly can’t tell any of them apart vkei or Japanese songs are just plain out either depressing lyrics about longing or are anime op about revolution or something. But only one comes to mind. Weird. OH WAIT nijikan shabondama and Escapism from an cafe yeah those are definitely emotional… I think. And I guess 7th floor from suck a stew dry. Man japanese rock music is just sad and I thought I was weird.

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I’m sorry but this song for some reason. It is sad. Makes me cry :cold_sweat:

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