Soooo, I made a Discovery today!!!

Hey hey! It’s me again! So um…Question: Are there any Fans of ISSAY here on this forum??? I was just scrolling through a Bunch of different translated Interview articles of the band DER ZIBET, when I just happened to stumble upon on for the 1994 release of ISSAY’s solo album “FLOWERS”. So, Upon skimming over the first paragraph, and I find out It’s actually a Cover album! “WAIT, WHAT?!! A COVER ALBUM!!!” and I’ve already listened to this whole album like…2-3 times??? XD
- ISSAY’s “FLOWERS” (1994) ( ^ ^ *)

You know…even from this discovery, and after having gone back and comparing each track from cover to ISSAY ver- Just from how much he and the various composing talents he collaborated with just completely changed these old folk/Showa era songs into something just ENTIRELY their own song! I’ve now gained such a brand new, even more immense appreciation for this album! I’ll be spamming each track’s respective original versions, so that you too can listen along and compare!! oh!! and PS: Track 2 on this album was composed/rearranged by hide, DIE and I.N.A. of Spread beaver!!! ;D

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Track 1: あかずの踏切り (Akazu no Fumikiri) by Yosui Inoue *This Track Feature’s Kiyoharu of Kuroyume on the Chorus! ( * ^ ^ * )

Track 2: [荒木一郎/いとしのマックス〈マックス・ア・ゴーゴー〉 (1967年) 視聴No.4 - YouTube 荒木一郎/いとしのマックス (Ichiro Araki/Itoshii no MAX)
*Asforementioned, This track here was Rearranged by our Favourite Pink Spider, hide, and Spread beaver friends! What they did with Araki’s song, man- could have SOOOOO fit right in with the stuff he was doing on PSYENCE.

Track 3: “Between Morn and Evening” by Shinnosuke “Peter” Ikehata This one’s taken from one of the most famously known japanese entertainers to have been openly gay! Going by the stage name “peter”, (after their love for “Peter pan”), Ikehata has stared in such films as “Bara no Souretsu” and “The Fruits of Passion”

Track 4: ( 悲しくてやりきれない ザ ) “Kanashikute YariKirenai” by The Folk Crusaders; Featuring DER ZIBET member Mahito on Keyboards

Track 5: 黛ジュン 「恋のハレルヤ」 1967 - YouTube “Koi no HALLELUJAH” by Jun Mayuzumi; The track to feature a fantastically Haunting duet between ISSAY and the great Sakurai Atsushi of BUCK-TICK, (and as well, Hidehiko on Guitar!)

Congrats, you did it! :'D

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Ano…Thank you?! XDDD

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