special new unit, "Zeke Deux" has formed

new unit “Zeke Deux” has formed and they will debut on 11/11

Vo.Kakeru (Scarlet Valse)
Gt.Haruka (ex.E’m~grief~, the Reveude)


I mean SV have pretty much done everything so I guess it makes sense that Kakeru try something other than that and his session band.

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Now that’s a cool lineup! I’m hoping for something with a gothic symphonic-electronic tinge in the vein of E’m~grief~ but not holding my breath.

what a weird name, wtf

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Reminds me of the beginning of RailTracer.
Really interested in this project!

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They will release their 1st demotape :eyes: at their mini oneman/debut live at Ebisu club aim on 11/11

I really hope this is a spiritual successor to E’m~grief~.

I take it!

Project members are:

Guitar: Satsuki (GERTENA)

Bass: Jr. (ex.リブレヒト(LIVERECHT))

Drums: Loa (ex.WARASVO)


1st Demo Tape “Zero” will be released at 2021/11/24. (100 copies)

02.Phantom Pain

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This project seems to serve to accommodate former members of recently disbanded bands. I wonder what they will sound like :thinking:

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I would be appreciate if you mention that it will be released in 2 days, I hate when I click and the video is not available…


Sorry to waste your time. I’ll remember that for next time. :wink:

it’s out !

Well, the song sounds a lot less exciting than I expected, but it’s okay-ish I guess.

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Zeke Deux will upload a new anime song cover from Saint Seiya on New Year’s Day.