Stores in Japan

I’ll be taking a trip to Japan in the Summer and I was wondering what other stores are there for vkei/jrock goodies.

I’m aware of Puresound Shinjuku (I know their Osaka store closed down but their other locations is up but as I’ve heard, there isn’t much and most of it has been replaced by p0rn). Tower Records is another store I might take a look at. I know most of the big ones like Closet Child are unfortunately closed

Any stores would be appreciated

Like an Edison, Little Hearts, that’s all I can think of where bands do photo shoots to promote new music.

You also find Jishuban Club in Shinjuku just around the corner of Pure Sound and Laika. The Laika store in Shinjuku is a bit… let’s say crammed with picture frames, you barely can reach or see the racks and they’re very limited. It’s better to visite their store in Osaka.
Book Off also has vkei sections. But don’t expect rarities.

Thanks! How’s the selection at the Like and Edison and Jishuban stores?

I’ve the feeling the best selection, you can find right now, are the Little Hearts stores in Shinjuku und Osaka, Laika in Osaka and Jishuban Club in Shinjuku.
You need to check their instore event dates. The stores are somehow closed during these events.

I don’t know how it’s like with HMV, back in the days they also had vkei sections like Tower Records.
If you go to Tower Records in Shibuya, you find vkei at the third floor, when I remember right.

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Went to Little Hearts Osaka today and there was a good selection of new stuff but basically no rarities or older stuff. Like an Edison was closed for the day so I can’t comment on them but I’m guess they’re not the place to go for rarez?