SuG mysterious announcement

SuG posted on their official Twitter a mysterious video alongside a date: 01/12 at 9pm (Japan time)


A comeback :eyes: (Prays internally)


Please come back… Ma-chans new band sucks :disappointed:


Now, that’s interesting!!!

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This band was always a blind spot for me.

LOL I saw this happening the other day while listening to The Madna

Hell yeah I want another yum yum show.

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Happy if it’s a comeback, but I’m afraid they will never be as good as they were from like 2007-2010. After that it just went downhill lol

SuG will perform on 3/9 at EX THEATER ROPPONGI


Huh. Thats pretty fuckin’ cool.

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Looks like a woodkid music video

was never a fan but this is cool

I disagree, I think their final album was their best, more mature and less all-over-the-place. I agree that their debut is a stone-cold classic, however, and “Dot.0” is imho one of the best VK songs ever written.

Talk about unexpected. I wonder if they’ll release footage of this live because I’d love to see if the typical SuG energy is still there. Takeru’s new project sucks, and none of the other members has done anything that caught my interest. If they came back to release new music, their sound would be super different and I’d be curious to hear that but I won’t be sad if it’s just a one off revival.

Ngl if they do get back together this would kind make up for the a9 disbandment either way it’s good that they are performing :sweat_smile:

Why does this trailer look like a whole new era of sug is about to happen even tho this might not be the case :fearful:

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