SUI (David) new solo mini-album, "REMINISCENCE" release

SUI (David) will release his first and last mini-album, “REMINISCENCE” on 7/5 and it will come in 2 types (regular edition [CD] and Wizard store edition [CD/DVD/pamphlet]) with 6 songs

CD release events will commence on 7/6 at Ikebukuro Edge and on 7/21 at Holiday Next Nagoya

[support members]
Gt.cero (縁 (enishi))
Gt.源 依織 (iori minamoto) (Phobia)
Ba.Toshi (ex.Femme Fatale)
Dr.Seira(from AURORIZE) *7/6 date
Dr.Syu (縁 (enishi)) *7/21 date


Is he retiring?

This is surprising and unusual

That project as “SUI” seemed inconsequential to me, when he was already working on David (which is basically his solo project).

But now David has new dates, I wonder if he’ll spend most of his time on that. (I hope it’s not a revival + musical retirement)

I like supporting artists, so I guess this mini album can be different :thinking:

the Sui project is just his acoustic side imo, it was a side thing anyway

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Oh it’s just SUI that makes sense since a single came out earlier this year and sold out almost instantly.

Maybe will quit that solo and will focus on David and Enishi only

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Or he’s like I hate mini albums so here’s the one and only one I will ever release and it’ll be a collectors item so grab it while you can like all of his stuff lol

Yep as Sui he released only singles atm.

the 7/21 show will be 樹 (itsuki) (NETH PRIERE CAIN)'s birthday live

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7/6 live will be a taiban with HOWL, KAKUMAY, HUMAN ERROR, Ms.Eva, Zetsumei, Hitchcock, and a yet unannounced artist.

Regular edition (3300 yen) will come with an autographed cheki; Wizard Store edition (9800 yen) will feature a pictorial jacket, an instrumental cd with all songs, a DVD with selected footage from SUI’s performances on 7/6 and 7/21, and a special pamphlet.

2.I Soliture
4.Wail of crested