sukekiyo 3 new demo tapes release

sukekiyo will release 3 new demo tapes “触れさせる”, “Valentina”, and “夢見ドロ” via the official online shopping site “GALAXY BROAD SHOP”. Further details will be announced later.


Information about preorders for the demo tapes of sukekiyo new songs 『夢見ドロ (yumemi doro) 』, 『触れさせる (furesaseru) 』 and 『Valentina』 has just been announced.

Each demo tape (cassette tape) will come with novelty goods: an original umbrella, original T-shirt (black) and original T-shirt (white)
A 『Special Complete Set』 will be on sale on early pre-order only. This set will be including all the 3 demotapes and their 3 novelty goods, along with an original sport bag and a bonus CD for 「夢見ドロ (yumemi doro) 」「触れさせる (furesaseru) 」 and 「Valentina」.
A 『Complete set』 (comes without the original sport bag) will also be available for pre-order.

Please note that all the products come in limited numbers, and the sales will stop as soon as they run out of stock.


They sound great, can’t wait for someone to put them up :stuck_out_tongue:

I should probably feel bad for anyone who gets suckered into buying these. Disgusting how they’re exploiting fans.

Still, if you have the disposable income, sure, why not, I guess. Those umbrellas aren’t going to buy themselves.

What pisses me off is that you only can get final versions of these songs if you buy a complete set.
If not - then enjoy these demos?
FFS, just release finished Rongai already.

I uploaded all three of them:


Are these the ones from reddit/vk?

Valentina is fire


For real, top 5 Skky tracks for me easy

Valentina is Dorothy 2.0, imo.
But less VGMy.

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