sukekiyo new CD "SALUS" release

sukekiyo new CD “SALUS” will be released at 2021/12/21 (3 types)

mail-order limited edition (11000yen) will be available for orders since 2021/11/16
it will include CD (5 songs), Blu-ray including MV and live videos and clutch bag

mail-order regular edition (6600yen) will be available for orders since 2021/11/16
it will include CD (5 songs) and Blu-ray including MV and live videos

regular edition (1320yen) will be released at 2021/12/29
it will include CD (3 songs) only

[CD tracklist - mail-order edition]
触れさせる (Furesaseru)
Candis (Off Vocal Ver.)
zephyr (Ending Ver.)

[Blu-ray tracklist - mail-order edition]
Candis (Another Edition)

sukekiyo 「奇行少女」 -漆黒の儀-
2021年7月3日(土) 京都劇場
2021年7月4日(日) 京都劇場

[CD tracklist - regular edition]
触れさせる (Furesaseru)
Candis (Off Vocal Ver.)

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WOW I love this :heart_eyes:

Gara serving BOOWY realness FTW :two_hearts:


Cool to see sukekiyo’s been bit by the 80’s bug. I think its actually done really well here but i wish they went further with the melodies and hooks.

This song is a great experience so far :smiley:

This is actually really nice. Very different from what I was expecting, but what do you expect from these guys really? Haha.

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This is what I was hoping for but what I didn’t expect. Also the intro bringing back memories of the weirdness of all those shows and their interviews made my day :smiley:

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Thank you so much kind person.


This is literally my new favorite by them and for some reason Kyo’s dance is mesmerizing in this video

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Lol, the begin of the PV is taking a piss out of those old and awkward Band-feature programs. Overall a great PV aesthetically, I love the many 80s references and throwbacks.

I also like the very New Wave-ish direction of that song. Imo Sukekiyo always had a bit of a Post-punk vibe, but they went into 80s music full force in this one and I love it. I wonder if they will ever give us a vaporwave album, lol. In general it feels nice to see Kyo doing music that’s less harsh and aggressive and more similar to early Dir en grey.


Am keen to grab a copy of the special edition version as the bluray looks wicked but they’re already pretty much out of stock everywhere. Haha. + Regular version looks whack.

For your interest, SALUS will be on streaming from December 29th (ignore the apparent December 9th release, the JP site states 29th)

Also, Candis will already be available on December 9th


Hmm, no Radio Edit Versions this time? Hopefully

Candis is a great track and the video is SO cool. Not a big fan of Sukekiyo, really, but this definitely does go pretty hard.