sup? it's me Saku, back from the dead!

So here i am today at work thinking hmmm I haven’t been to MH in a bit (a “bit” in this instance being 2 or 3 years yikes) lets just pop on over and check out whats happening with the old hangout… oh no… well shit… it died didn’t it? Just couldn’t make it to that big 15th anni, damn. Well oh lookey here “JROCK ONE” yeah let’s check that out.

basically what happenend today lol

what’s up everyone? It’s me Original Saku, I’ve been gone for a while but I’m sure there are atleast a few people here who remember me from the 10 years i spent doing absolutely nothing but wasting time on the old board. I’ve been living life, making money, and doing nothing of significance with myself for the most part, I just found new places to waste time instead, needed a palate cleanser so to speak. 10 years on a single message board takes a toll and a hiatus was long overdue. I Still have kept up with music the entire time and my love for the Japanese music scene is even bigger today than it was back then.

So here I am, gonna lurk a bit. might post sometimes and hell I know I’m gonna waste some time in the process :laughing:


Welcome!! Glad to have you here :heart:

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Hey, welcome back! Glad to see you again.

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Welcome back!

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Welcome back! Glad to see you here again!

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