Heya everybody! I’m Rob, known as robkun or Rob M. I own a YT channel that spotlights obscure visual and non-visual Japanese bands that you may or may not know. I also am known on MH for opening a shit ton of Mega accounts to upload a lot of stuff. So yeah, sup everybody!


Yo, Rob-kun! It’s a pleasure to see you here. :wink: Your YT channel is such a treasure and treat for old school fans, it’s probably my favourite VK channel on there.

Thanks, man! Much appreciated!

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It’s strange to not see a rotating head on your profile pic :frowning: Glad to see you around here~

XD. Maybe someday!

Glad to have you here as well! :smile:

So glad to see you here! I’ve always appreciated your knowledge/uploads~ It’s helped me to discover some really neat stuff ^^

Thanks guys!

Move, Keep it up! :sunglasses:

hello! your yt channel is one of my favs! :smile:

Thank ya!!

Yo Rob! Haven’t seen/heard of you in ages besides your Youtube channel (I’ve been kinda out of touch with everything tbh). Great to see you here :heart: (you might know me better as yuuzer0 from rarezhut?)

Hey man! Yeah, it’s been a while!

Good to see you here!

Thank ya!

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