Takadanobaba AREA GRAND FINAL 2021~2022 will be livestreamed

The final countdown event taking place at livehouse Takadanobaba AREA will be livestreamed on KIPz before the venue is set to be demolished at the end of the year. The event will be in 3 parts, which will have their own separate tickets.

Part 1 (推友達セッション, Pikarin, Libravel, Lay About World, Mathilda, The Benjamin)
Part 2 (LIPHLICH, 3470.mon, Hotaru, DaizyStripper, DuelJewel, Ayabie)
Part 3 (Develop One’s Faculties, Belle, D=OUT, Umiyuri)

You can change the language on the site to machine-translated English and learn how to purchase here:

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