Tattoos (referencing bands/music)

I’m sure there are people here with tattoos, but I was wondering if anyone had any tattoos related to their favorite jrock or vk artists?

I’d love to see, if so!

Was made 4 years ago. Sadly, that was my 1st tattoo, so I fucked it up by scratching. Still planning to fix it & add some other details.


I don’t have any, but I’ve been thinking of maybe getting the ≠ sign from cali≠gari’s logo as a tattoo sometime in the future. It can be interpreted in different ways too, so that’s a plus for me (as opposed to some super-specific band related tattoo which I may regret later, haha).


Not mine, but a dude just got the old Deviloof logo tattooed on his neck.


The lyrics are from Deux, with the help of a notable translator within the fandom. I’ve always liked the Dogma aesthetic, and I found an artist in my hometown who specializes in that sort of thing. Though I find it funny that I’m an Aoi bias with Ruki on her back lol Oh well. Debated sharing it publicly for a while.

Also the mask was added in last minute as I figured it’d be easier to have him with the mask on as opposed to his actual face. (if that made sense)