Tell me something y'all consider a blursed sentence

Get cursed, get weird. It has to be grammatical.

I’ll go first:

“Buffalo buffalo buffalo other buffalo buffalo.”


Colorless green ideas sleep furiously


Thx for the random existential crisis, my friend ⊂⁠(⁠◉⁠‿⁠◉⁠)⁠つ

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In Germany there is a poem, which i guess fits perfect in here

Dunkel war’s, der Mond schien helle,
schneebedeckt die grüne Flur,
als ein Wagen blitzesschnelle,
langsam um die Ecke fuhr.

Drinnen saßen stehend Leute,
schweigend ins Gespräch vertieft,
als ein totgeschoss’ner Hase
auf der Sandbank Schlittschuh lief.

Which is full of contradictions
Basically it’s translates to this

It was dark, the moon shone brightly,
snow-covered the green field,
as a chariot lightning fast,
slowly drove around the corner.

Inside sat people standing
silently immersed in conversation,
When a shot to death, rabbit
skated on the sandbank

There are two more verses of it


Holy shit dude that went from 0 to 100 real quick

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Don’t dead, open inside?

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Blursed yes, but kinda overused at this point lol

Off topic but I realized ur website link is a dark web link like, I’m curious but not brave enough to find out, but what even is the site?


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Aight, I respect ur privacy buddy