That time I designed necklaces for the GazettE

Hi all! I made a video showcasing the necklaces I made for the GazettE, which I gave to them at a meet&greet during the NINTH tour in Europe. I worked on these for 2 full months and was able to make it a project for my study at that time (Product Design), hence why I could work on it full time.

I thought some of you might be interested, so I’m posting it here :slight_smile: Love to know what you guys think of it, and if you do, thanks for watching!


thats so cool! do you have any pictures of them wearing them? if theyre in the video, i cant watch it right now because im in class :')

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Thank you! And no, unfortunately not :frowning: Because of the quick pace of the meet & greet, they didn’t even had time to unpack them and react to it, so I’ve never even seen their reaction to it. And as far as I know, there are no pictures of them or at least one of them wearing it

Really cool!

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Thank you!