The Cards I Play new single "Black and Blue" release

The band also revealed a new logo recently.

And the new single will be released in November

You can find the source and Teaser here

Check out one fo their previous releases here

About the Band:

The Cards I Play sonically embodies the emotions and circumstances surrounding passion. A canvas painted through stories of self-doubt within ambition, hope within anxiety, and love within despair expressed in a human yet poetic approach. The Cards I Play songs are minimal and catchy at first listen, yet have a transformative depth to discover within each line of melody, infused with multi genre influences to create an energetic and explosive experience. Working with Grammy nominated producer Tyler Smyth for mastering, and Christoph Wieczorek (Sawdust Recordings/Annisokay) for mixing, their debut album “Retrograde” promises to showcase the identity and progress of The Cards I Play through sonic brilliance. “Retrograde” landed 28th on the iTunes Japan Rock charts, and their first ever Japan tour final was a sold out show at Shibuya Cyclone.


Current Line up:
Vocals: Joji
Guitar/Rap: Daniel
Bass: Daiya


They released an MV for the song, yay :sparkler: