THE DESPERADO new single, "欲望" (yokubou) release

THE DESPERADO new digital single, “欲望” (yokubou) will be released on 8/13

If you’re in Japan, you can apply to preorder via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag “#欲望予約応募” and the band will reward you with the instrumental version. In addition, there will be a lottery drawing and 5 people will be selected at random to win new autographed cheki and a logo badge.


After listening, I think the song is too generic!
I think they could do better than this!

I honestly love this song. Altho it does give the circus/chaos vibe which has been redone. The guitar work and vocal style/progression is more what im here for which still makes the song shine in my opinion.

Oh the mv looks so cheap but there’s so mething interesting about them.