THE DESPERADO new single "BLACK CHAPTER" release

THE DESPERADO 4th single “BLACK CHAPTER” will be released at 2021.

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They also announced they would hold an online live some time in 2021.

I hope that one day it can be obtained in physical cd

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This first take clip shows a lot of skill I love it!

Is it wild to think of these guys as having an anniversary already or what??

New Visual Release: 2021/06/13
Single Release: 2021/07/18


Sounds briefly awesome, it’s been steady improvement so far so I’m excited !

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What is up with that layered screaming/barfing sound?

I kinda hate it but only because I don’t understand what it’s even supposed to sound like. Wtf was that?

Yeah I was pretty confused too idk what they were thinking with that

They trickle releases out, but they’re usually worth the wait. I don’t see an album coming anytime soon though.

The single has now been delayed until August 1st because Nero changed lyrics (or realized his burping overlay screams sounded weird) and they need to be re-recorded.

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Unless they cut it from that segment, it sounds like the weird vocals were changed, hence the delay.

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Thats much better OMG niceeeeee


Their best song imo, really love it, I wonder if they ever plan to release multiple songs at once or are they always going to release one at a time?


The song certain sounds way better than the first preview. I’m glad it got delayed, but Seiya needs to write some new solos.