the GazettE

To start with some activity over here I begin with one of my most favorite bands ever which is Gazette.

Got to know their music in 2006 when I didn’t know a single word Japanese at all but I immediately fell for them and that never really stopped.
I have seen them six times when they got to Germany during their tours.
I guess I prefer their newer music over their older one even though there’s a lot of songs I love from their beginning, too. One of their masterpieces of these early days is 十七歳 (juunanasai), I think.
So even I put the more recent albums as my favorite ones when it comes to full albums there are so many great songs throughout all those years of their activity.

How about you?

I know their name is ‘the GazettE’ I put it that way but it gets changed by the software.


the GazettE is definitely one of the biggest VK bands that have been through a lot in the scene. I personally prefer their music from 2004-2007 which was the best era to me; e.g. Shunsetsu no Koro, Kare Uta, and 7gatsu 8ka. I find their lyrics so touching and meaningful. Honestly, they have never disappointed with any releases. UGLY is my most favorite song from their newer era. It’s only the sound that has changed over time, but deeply it’s still the GazettE anyway.

Thanks for the heads-up! It seems Discourse auto capitalizes the title of a topic. Even I can’t change it to lowercase.

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The songs you put there are so great. I prefer the newer version of Kare Uta over the old one just a tiny bit (even though there are some points about the recording which goes for the whole Traces 2 album).

I’m really a lot into that heavier stuff since I release a lot of anger (which’s the emotion I feel the most and can identify best) by music. But I also always need some melodical parts that’s why Gazette is just perfect (especially since Ruki’s voice is my most favorite even though this also depends on songs, I’m sure there are songs he could sing but I’d prefer them by the one they got written for and vice versa).

Thanks for changing the settings. It would have been alright without but with all those bands and there sometimes strange names and writing of names it’s very helpful. :rofl:

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Kare Uta is a really catchy song, and both versions are good. I’m glad that they re-recorded it along with some other notable tracks in TRACES VOL.2 namely CASSIS, Guren, PLEDGE, and Taion. The new version sounds much clearer while the old one is all time classic. I’m more familiar with the old one though because I have listened to it countless times. :sunglasses:

IMO, Ruki’s voice fits all the GazettE’s songs perfectly whether it be ballads or heavy stuff. Even though there are no longer songs that sound 2005 Gazette-ish, I still really like the way they are now.

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I’m mostly into the new Taion version when it comes to that Traces album because it’s the one that got a full change but still being that song. It’s also been the song I’ve been the most tense about before the album was out since I always loved it. xDD

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Taion seems to be the song on TRACES VOL.2 that has got a special treatment. No more Engrish lyrics. :laughing: The song itself sounds so terrifying but very beautiful that the band put it as the closing track on both NIL and TRACES VOL.2.

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After that preview of Cassis on radio and the changed lyrics (that make a lot of sense but the change in sound from I to we took me a long time to like the new version) I was so anxious what that would make out of Taion. When I found some previews for the first 45 seconds of each songs few days before the release and there at least were like two lines from the lyrics included I’ve just been so surprised that everything seemed to be in Japanese and I really loved that. Also all the changes for the composition were just great. I always loved the song but immediately fell for the newer version.

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Agreed! Taion new version is so good. The Japanese lyrics perfectly fit the theme. It makes the song feel more intense. I guess they will perform this version live instead of the old one from now on.

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If they will perform it at all.
Basically I guess the Japanese are what Ruki wanted to express by the English ones but his English skills were so little at that time (not blaming him, mine in Japanese are most likely worse).

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Got into the Gazette back in 2006 with Filth in the beauty. My favorite track got to be Remember the urge, but Shunsetsu no koro got a soft spot in my hearth. I still prefer old Gazette over their new sound, Trace vol 2 was a smooth ride. Ruki’s english got much better over the years. I still remember in a song, where he used to use google translate for his songs and the lyrics literally says : " Sorry, I coudln’t find a translation " and he sings that haha.


His english was horrible for a long time. But then learning a new language ain’t easy, right.
There is a translation for NIL’s Taion version that translates the english parts into understandable english. xDD

Filth in the beauty is one of those songs I"m so much into, especially when it comes to lives. I hope for it to be played every time and so far that worked. It’s a perfect song to jump and headbang to. So much fun.

Yeah, learning english for japanese must be hard, as learning japanese is hard for me haha, and even harder since I’m french and english is my second language.

Oh yeah, it must be a headbanger song live! I missed them when they came to Toronto, wish they would of stopped by Montreal. The only VK or j-rock band I saw live was Dir en grey, but that was back in 2008. Still the most epic night of my life. When they played Kodou, I just screamed my lungs out. :slight_smile:

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Tours are not easy somehow. Last time they played in Berlin (where I live) was in 2007. They sadly never got back here so I went to Cologne or Munich for the other lives. But that’s almost the only band I’m doing this for nowadays (there’s not many I’d do this for anymore even though I did in 2006/2007).

That sounds like a very great memory. ^^

I got into the GazettE during their MADARA days and have followed them ever since. They were one of the earlier VK acts that got me into J-rock. They’ve been pretty hit or miss lately but I appreciate that they are still around and kicking. I was one of the black sheep that liked DOGMA. A lot. I haven’t really gave their latest album a chance yet but i’m sure I will eventually.


the GazettE were one of the first band I fell in love back in the day. I remember seeing the PV “貴女ノ為ノ此ノ命。” it blew my mind. All those japanese aesthetics and the mix of rock and punk were cool for a kid.

I’m more attached to their older style to the new one because I started to listen to them in the Madara era. Anyways I have enjoyed their latest two albums “DOGMA” and “NINTH”.

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That’s what I feel is most interesting about how they changed and how I change with that. Knowing them since 2006 it’s been NIL but also Madara and Gama and everything I got attached to them by. And it’s not like I don’t like the old stuff anymore, I also do listen to quite some of the older stuff regularly but the newer clicks a tiny bit more with me.
And I really love whenever something of the older stuff shows for a few parts of newer songs which sometimes happens. I always think this still shows it’s the same band, change and growth and all that didn’t get them to turn into a completely different band.

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I got into the GazettE in 2010 thanks to Kuroshitsuji OP2 “SHIVER” by them :slight_smile:
I actually liked their music from 2010-2013 the most, with title tracks as RED, VORTEX, REMEMBER THE URGE… they were so addicting :slight_smile:


REMEMBER THE URGE is such an addictive song! and in Vortex, I swear, when he screams “Shut the fuck up deathtrap” I hear “Shut the fuck up Deathgaze” hahaha. Always love that song too.


I started to appreciate them since “HEADACHE MAN”, 2009. I really dig their alternative metal with nu metal and industrial metal style. and I even ever wrote album reviews for “Ninth” and “Dogma” ever, in Chinese though… since I’m a big corekid, no wonder I enjoy “Dogma” the most. :laughing:

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Haven’t listened to these guys in such a long time and not sure where to go from here?
Loved Disorder and their earlier stuff, Nil was okay, despised Stacked Rubbish.
Any fans want to recommend what album I should jump in to?