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Is it true, that overseas HERESY members automatically get the event tickets for concerts in Japan? People who have applied through the overseas membership, cave you ever lost the ticket lottery?

Crazy there isnt a better picture of him. That must be like… 15 years ago or something.
His recent twitter pics etc he uses so much effects.

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I am not sure how to say that I am actually disappointed by one of my favorite bands.
Ninth was insane album, I ordered deluxe edition and had to eat music by the end of the month, but it was totally worth it.
Since then something happened, or most precise - nothing happened. Nothing new and worthy.
We got endless posts with Ruki new nails, new merch, new face… Music was also new but I forced myself listening to that new album divided in parts to make it more interesting. It isn’t. It’s a transparent try to attract american public, and honestly I see nothing of the original Gazette in them. It killed the magic. And there was a time when other bands used to copy them.

I honestly would love to see old band, old faces, old dynamic, not five years same hairstyle and outfit, a little bit more natural and less shiny. I didn’t fall in love with the shiny Gazette. I want them back.


I also have no fking idea what happened to this band. They used to be one of my favorites say 10-15 years ago. I dont know how many years passed but suddenly a single “blinding hope” came out of nowhere and I liked it, then I listened to their new album on spotify and 99% were crappy filler songs. Like there are no fresh ideas or creatively left.

Like… wut? What happened?

MASS was also a flop for me. It sounded like leftovers that didn’t make it into NINTH and the album on the whole did not have a unique concept or sound. They are one of if not my my favorite band, and I think they’d continue to do well touring their work for a few more years before reinventing their sound again.

New Look


The GazettE nowadays NEW LOOK = SAME BORING LOOK

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Stylist: What can i do for you?
Ruki: 40 year old MILF
Stylist: Say less


Is the gazette wasted potential the band? I know they can write good songs and have such a good discography for their older stuff. But it feels like they went on hiatus for like 10 years. Then came back with the worst filler album ever?Such a weird timeline flow…?

What do they cash in on today? Are they even bothering to tour?