The General Metal Thread

Thought the forum could use a non-jp general metal thread like back at MH.

To kick off this thread, I’ve been listening to some Rings of Saturn. I’ve only really listened to their album “Ultu Ulla” since I own it on vinyl, but I caught wind they were remastering their first album so I took a listen.

It’s insane they wrote this when they were only like 16. I wouldn’t say I follow deathcore all that religiously, but this hits the right spot for me. The sound is just perfect; I dig the cosmic energy.


Surprise album (EP maybe?) by Gatecreeper is pretty amazing.

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Since I’ve mostly been listening to Japanese music the past couple years I haven’t had much time for western music but this band I really enjoy and try to make sure to keep up with:

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Been listening to some Tech Death recently and got hooked on these guys. It’s just beautiful what they do and are capable of.

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speaking of tech death, who doesn’t love crushing bass and machinegun guitar!

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this track is in my best fav album of 2018 basically. I’ve been a fan of Alterbeast since they didn’t use this name.

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jeg elsker denne sangen, bare perfekt for meg, spesielt vokalen og gitaren.

I see that everyone in this topic is into death metal. The american label maggot stomp has some cool bands. Even Frozen Soul now is under Century Media, that’s the quality of some bands under this little label.

‘Caveman shit for neanderthals’




Thy Catafalque released a new video (the song is from his album last year.)

If you don’t know Thy Catafalque… I’d actually compare them to Sigh a bit. Roots in black metal that are still apparent, but more accessible these days with lots of unique elements for the genre and some folk themes mixed in.


I remember this guy when I was on an avant-garde bm journey, I didn’t know he is still doing music. Alongside Klabautamann and Agrypnie were my favourites by the time.

Speaking of black metal if someone is into K.P.N but hate their lyrics (their hate lyrics) this Swiss band is perfect for you.

Another band that I’ve been listening a lot recently is Totenwache. Good bm from Hamburg, Germany.


I absolutely adore Thy Catafalque. Naiv was in my top ten 2020 releases. There just really isn’t anything that sounds quite like them/him. I’m still a relatively new fan but Rententeg is my favorite so far.


Yeah, Ungfell is amazing. Top notch I’d highly recommend Autarcie’s “Horizons funestes” which totally nails the unique vibe and atmosphere of Peste Noire’s “La Sanie des siècles”. Sale Freux is also a band who’s very mucn in vein of Peste Noire’s “La Sanie des siècles”, but most will be completely put off by the drum sound he usually goes for. I love it tho, just because it adds to the weirdness.

I love this kind of “rural black metal” in lack of a better description.

Just take a listen to the riff around 1:33 into the song. That is just too fucking good.

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With Alissa White-Gluz:

With Vicky Psarakis:

While I do still enjoy Alissa’s era, it’s worth noting that she was not only rude to fans and difficult to work with, she also almost destroyed the band when she arranged to join Arch Enemy behind their backs (read both statements in that article; don’t believe her lies).

As long as you’re able to separate art from artist, the music both with and without Alissa is great.

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Veil of Maya’s False Idol album was the best thing I heard in 2018 (it came out in 2017 but I found it later)
This came out last May

Amorphis is one of the only Finnish bands I listen to on and off

Also Opeth, Gojira and Mastodon.



Guardians of Time

Lol I remember I could never find this song on youtube to link to people and it just randomly popped into my head so I decided to see if it was still off of youtube and the only video I could find that wasn’t a cover or something was this Elfen Lied amv:

Anyway this used to be one of my favorite bands, they had a pretty unique sound imo.