The Ghost inside of Me

Decided to open this thread to discuss about this small time, yet very interesting, female lead group.

TGioM were born in 2010 but began to perform as a singing/performance(?) duo only in 2015 before splitting at the end of the same year. Vocalist BaN continued her activity alone until 2018, when the rest of the members joined her and the project became the VK group we know today.

Members are:
Vocalist BaN
Guitarist Ryuto
Bassist and Contrabassist Maya
Keyboard and Piano Maiha
Violin Kuromi

Their concerts are a beautiful and distinctive mix of music and storytelling performance.

Here a collection of preview of their last album from their official youtube, and their profile. Give this girls and boys a listen.


They also have a web shop were you can buy their merchandise and music.

If someone would like to buy something from them but doesn’t know how to buy from Japan, you can send me a PM and I’m willing to help by ordering (beyond price only asking for expenses, like shipping fee and the proxy I’ll use fees, etc. no middle man fees for me).

My favorite songs from them are Rumble Fish and Hamelin btw, what’s your?