THE MADNA 1st full-album "ElecTЯiP" release

THE MADNA new full album “ElecTЯiP" will be released at 2023/10/25

Deluxe Edition will cost ¥5,400
Regular Edition will cost ¥3,600
They will also hold LIMISTA instore event on 2023/08/27. It will be broadcasted online and anyone in the world can participate. If you consider to buy this album it’s better to pre-order with this event. You can find Online Sign guide here:


Their current JaME interview! Seems that they want to reach overseas :shushing_face:

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Omg - this is awesome

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New TikTok account. Will post news and THE MADNA lyrics English translations there! Feel free to follow :sparkles::muscle:


Awesome! Its really cool that a band got a strong and efforted international fanbase again. Lovely to see.

It’s funny for me that the lyrics are the weakness point of MADNA. I don’t know what happened with Ryota, since he used to write pretty cool ones in Neverland, but 98% of The MADNA lyrics has really… silly? :sob: The translations are so well done that it sound better in english than in japanese. lol


What do you mean by silly? :joy: Have you heard of 君だけがいない世界で or Graffiti Days or Sweet Dream etc? they have bunch of deep and emotional moving songs. I love their cheerfulness and mood lifting songs like Anarchist Baby! :smirk:


i actually moved

i hadnt seen takashi in so long, the new hairstyle looks nice on him and i love the more masc looks hes been posting

Of course! I’ve heard and I love all The MADNA songs <3

But yeah, even that the meaning is super cool the lyrics are very poorly written. grafitti days is probably my favorite song by them, but even though the tune (and the meaning behind the lyrics) is the BEST I always get kinda shy to introduce to japanese people because of how its written :joy:I’m talking about the words he use, writing “too straight” with barely no lyricism or poetry, just trowing too simple words that anyone with basic japanese can understand by ear. Also someone REALLY needs to help that guy with english lyrics hahahahaha. Haven’t seen no one writing so bad english ever since 2006.

Not every lyrics tho, but I’d say 90% of them. Also, he seems to be improving! sweet dreams lyrics were all nice! Hope he keeps high standards for the album <3


Here’s Youtube link to 8/27 event!

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Super hype

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Seems like these guys are teasing us. They have 2-3 days to announce new look! Because online sign event will be signed on their new look photo cards but we still haven’t seen new look :sweat_smile:

Full video of online Album Signing event!

Is this the album look? :frowning: (the one in the cards)

I’m guessing the songs in the background of the video are some of their new tracks, definitely some gems in there

Actually not, there’s just their latest single “sweet dream” songs being played in loop.

They are all very good, I strongly recommend this single

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I think not! it’s looks from live time ago. they changed look recently but it’s not official look. they stopped wearing Sweet Dream look. We will have new look for album!

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Thanks god this is not the official visual

Postcards look is bomb :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::hot_face:

individual look: