THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S Vo.AMENO will depart

THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S Vo.AMENO will depart in 2021/05.



they are cursed

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They are changing their vocal faster than some people their underwear…


[pretends to be shocked]


I don’t remember how long they’ve been around with Ricky but it’s been a few years (saw them in 2013). Nimo joined in summer of 2015, I think, so he’s been in there for several years for sure. But this one now was really short.

Don’t know … the live was really good and fun but I never listen to them at home. The songs aren’t really meh but there’s still something missing.

So in some way I’m really not surprised this happens again.

lmao i can’t breathe


How many Vo. is that now…?

That"s been the 3rd, if I’m not mistaken.

Alright, I’ve been too curious now:
Ricky: 2011.12.01 - 2015.08.23
Nimo: 2015.10.10 - 2019 spring
AMENO: 2019.05.01 - 2021.05.30

Microhead 4ns is the Taylor Swift/Jlo of Vk when it comes to vocals.


Hizumi could be the new vocalist… :eyes:

Hizumi’s curse Σ(ಠ_ಠ)

I hope they find a replacement!

Despairs Ray was a Great band in my Opinion and i liked them alot and every single day i have listen their songs and i wish that them back to play the MICROHEAD 4N’S don’t like much because the ir music don’t attract me, i was super fan of Despairs Ray and i wish see Hizumi,Tsukasa, Zero and Karyu on stage again and if happen i would be Happy!
the MICROHEAD 4N’S have to stop with change singer every single moment them can’t go forward like this for long time take a singer right for the band and stop the Change! :heart: :kissing_heart:

They are quite boring, generic and bland anyway. The vocalist never changed that unfortunately

Please let the new vocalist be someone zero
(and tsukasa) DESERVESS

powerhouse legends only luvz

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