the Raid. members new band "Co´COON" have formed

New band “Co´COON” have formed, the four members are from the band the Raid. (the only the Raid. member not here is vocalist Sena), they will hold their first live on 2022/07/11 at 渋谷Star lounge.

Vo. テンシ (Tenshi)
由羽 (Yuuha)
ろっしー (Rossy)

In this post, Bo_ya is explaining why he formed this new band and what is happening with the Raid.

Rough translation:

I started a band called Co’COON. You may feel the Raid., there are many reasons why the Raid. isn’t working right now. There is more than one reason I think. I won’t write it here, but if I continued the Raid. as it was, my mental limits would sooner or later come. It is undecided at this stage when and what kind of announcement can be made with the Raid., but I would like you to wait until the official announcement is made.

Co’COON means nymph. When the nymph emerges, it becomes a butterfly. I chose this name as a result of thinking the existence of both the Raid. and Co’COON, this band name is the best way to go at the moment. I’m sure there are people who don’t like this announcement and some are pleased with it, but I’ll do my best so I’d be happy if you could support both activities. I’m not used to the band in the new style.


this is…so random??? Good luck to them i guess

not that I know much about them, but this sounds like they got into fight with the vocalist, or he is generally a toxic person.

Not sure what’s going exactly, but a couple points I can loosely decipher from tanuki:


I can understand Sena wanting to take a break, for many years they’ve been touring and releasing stuff non stop.

For Tenshi, him being the vocalist is not permanent as he stated on his post on twitter, they’re probably looking for someone else


New look


Nice look

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Interesting speculation… sounds more to me like major label pressure. Was hoping they would do a major debut album before they split, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely. Looking forward to hearing what this new band sounds like.

First music video will be released tomorrow at 8pm (Japan time)


Kind of odd that this move happens just after going major. Thought thatd be rhe time to start hitting it harder than ever.

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I’ve been following VK for 15 years and I’ve lost count of the number of bands that have split shortly after going major. I don’t know why it happens; I’ve always assumed it’s to do with additional pressures put on the band by the label that they can’t cope with. TBF, most of them do actually manage to record one album first…

This is excellent! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the guy’s voice, I’d be happy for him to remain their vocalist.

Another one to add to the list of bands with racial slurs in their names…

Edit: and after listening to the song, it suffers from exactly the same problem as the Raid. Bell Trees sound lovely but if you spam them, it gets old really fast. If you’re curious, it’s the ‘twinkly’ sound effect that plays every few seconds in the track. Although the music isn’t bad, this one thing makes it unlistenable for me. The Raid overused the bell tree sound in almost every one of their songs (at least, the ones I’ve heard).

taking the bait but tell me you’re joking


I don’t really have a list. But the racial slur thing is unfortunately not a joke (it’s the part after the apostrophe). Why did they split the word like that? Such a weird and ignorant decision.

maybe because they’re japanese and kinda have a different culture over there, and don’t know the english language. not everything revolves around us. tired of having to discuss this every single time.

anyway, very weird how bands like them end up falling apart when they go major


A lot of details I’m missing, but it reminds me of how Awake went “major” and their activity slowed down immensely. I guess things just don’t pan out behind the scenes and they have to walk it back.

As for the Raid., I don’t think anything they’ve released after going major has done the numbers that their previous releases had.

As for this release by Co`COON, it’s not bad. It sounds like they’re really keeping with their previous sound, even using vocal processing on Tenshi to make him sound more Sena-like.

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this vocals are five times better than the ones from their previous vocalist
I think there was not one single song I liked from the Raid because Sena’s voice it always was despite.

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I will say as much as I appreciate Sena’s recorded and live vocals, Tenshi’s relatively deeper voice is a breath of fresh air, lul. Granted, I’ve been Stockholm Syndrome’d with this band for 10 years :person_shrugging: .

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