the Raid. will resume activities

After pausing activities back in May 2022, the Raid. will resume activities at their oneman live at Zepp Shinjuku on 5/9. Dr.一陽 (kazhi) has also returned as Dr.ろっしー (rossy) has departed on 3/6.


Huh, they just needed a break, after all.

And now we know why The Co’Coon never released anything.

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Sena needed some vacation !

Cool! I didn’t think Sony would let their big investment just disappear. Roll on the new album. Would still like to see an album from Cocoon as well at some point, though.

the Raid played their first live in a year at Zepp Shinjuku.

They’ll publish their new music video “片想い心中” (Kataomoi Shinju) today at 8pm (Japan time)

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can’t believe they’ve been around for 12 years now?

And have only released one album

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unbelievable lol
I wonder how/why people are so interested in them still that they still play venues as big as Zepp shinjuku (1500 people).

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It’s available digitally

They are a “cheap” band, there’s free or 500 yen tickets and 500 yen releases that allow younger/not that rich girls interested in visual kei to join instore events etc. That’s how they can manage to play in big venues.


Well cheap things do sell better…