the Reveude -リヴード- will disband

the Reveude -リヴード- will disband after their live at 2021/12/03 at Urawa Narciss.

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Sad, I thought they found a good sound with their last single.

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They had an impressive guitarist

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That sucks… they indeed had an amazing guitarist and so much potential. Their last release was an absolute killer too. What a shame :confused:

You can see the last live in 2 hours.

The latest single “Dear…Pain & Roses” will be released that same day.

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Last Single「Dear…Pain&Roses」

Art Design: TERU (Versailles, Jupiter)

2.Virginity Blood
3.Dear…Pain&Roses -Instrumental-
4.Virginity Blood -Instrumental-

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holy shit this twitter quality ruins it :sob:

the Reveude Last Live DVD (3 discs)


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What’s really sad is that none of the members’ follow-up bands are as good as Reveude were… they had so much potential and combines talent that’s just wasted :confused:

From what I remember? Yes. They had a very small following.