The THIRTEEN - A World Of Villains

This EP follows in the same vein as the more recent EPs they’ve released, but I gotta say I’m enjoying this one far more than the others. It has a distinctly theatrical sound to it and it’s pleasantly cohesive overall. ‘ANGRY’ is wonderfully deranged – I was not expecting what sounds like a very annoyed hamster creature shaking its fist at the sky, but here we are. I do hope this EP marks the transition back to some heavier stuff, as I feel this is where they excel, however I do think Mao’s voice is wonderful in the more delicate moments.

If nothing else it sounds like they had fun recording this lmao.


My copy will be here Wednesday so looking forward to hearing it. :slight_smile: I do prefer their heavier stuff but they never do anything necessarily terrible. And before anyone says it, I actually liked the Pandemic album. Haha.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on it when you get round to it!

I LOVE this mini album

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Been a bit delayed with the delivery so still waiting on it. :frowning:

Finally had a listen to this, the first two songs sound like covers of stuff from Marilyn Mansons Golden Age of Grotesque album, doesnt queen sound like it has a fair bit in common with Mobscene?? 3rd song was interesting and a bit weird but decent and the rest of the EP sounds like it would have been a good continuation of Pandemic so yeah im all good with it besides the first couple of songs sounding like ripoffs of MM songs.

Am i also the only one who despite having the lyrics on the screen can hardly understand Maos English?? Haha.