THE THIRTEEN new mini-album, "Death Parade" release

THE THIRTEEN new mini-album, “Death Parade” will be released on 8/17


Smells the come back of heavy stuff.
For now, i don’t really like the visual and tired about EPs but keep an eye on this.

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i miss Sadie




What! All Sadie songs at his birthday live? Nice

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Damn, I miss these songs.

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:sob: :sob: :sob:

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That’s a sign they should bring back Sadie and just double perform. He obviously misses the early years of Sadie lol


He always plays Sadie songs on his birthday lives so he def does. I don’t know why they cant just remake somr Sadie songs for THE THIRTEEN just like DARRELL does w8th DEATHGAZE songs

I wonder if its a label issue.

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I find the composition of the group photo charming with the mirror (especially with the fact that only one person is visible in there, giving it a concrete vampire theme.) But the solo picture for mao looks bad. like this strong shadow emphasizing folds so strongly ruins the whole photo.

Deluxe edition (13000yen) will include CD (6 tracks), DVD including “Vampire” MV, multi-angler ver and offshot, 32-page booklet and will be in a sleeve case

Limited edition (3080yen) will include CD (5 tracks) and DVD including “Vampire” MV

Regular edition (2530yen) will include CD (6 tracks) only

[CD tracklist]

  1. Dancer in the Dark
  2. Vampire
  3. All Hallows Eve
  5. death parade
  6. Seaside Ice Cream

the overall downgrade (looks aside, they are always looking beautiful) of sadie branching out into the 13teen and that other non-VK band we never heard about again is good food for thought for that local looking for tea on ghost-writing in visual kei

that tracklist sounds like a 12 y.o. came up with it after a Tim Burton movie night


I am curious how seaside ice cream would sound like

We need sadie to come back.