the THIRTEEN new mini-album "ICY" release

the THIRTEEN new mini-album “ICY” will be released at 2021/03/24 (2 types)

Limited edition (3000yen) will include CD (6 songs) and DVD including “ever gray” MV
Regular edition (2300yen) will include CD (6 songs) only

[tracklist not in order]
ever gray
Ice melt


the THIRTEEN, I see… Why?
Welp, Enigma was boring, so I’ll be cautious when expecting something good from them again.

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Finally a release thank god

The new tracks on Enigma sure were quite underwhelming, so my expectations are a bit lower, but I’m certain at least the PV song is going to be be great. They always nail those.

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Oooh a new release by them, cool! Looking forward to it~

Icy romancer

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You guys didn’t like Memento Mori and Saezuru Ame, Higeki no Sanka…?
Anyway I’m quite looking forward to this one, the potential is there

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one of my favorite bands, his last CD I loved a lot … and his previous minis too. I’ll buy it for sure

@Tanishi I did! I love Karma, memento mori and saezuru ame :+1:

Shit, I gave it another spin and they are great. The tracklist definitely needs reshuffling, tho, cuz it’s really hard to listen to the album in its entirety.

I find this band is getting better and better, have some expectations for this one !

囀る雨、悲劇の讃歌を散らす anyone?


Stunning !!

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This grotto setting is beautiful I love the video! The song is also pretty nice, it’s just a few sections sound already too typical from them

Another boring song

I really wanted Sadie to come back. but I know it made them go on hiatus today.

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wow what a beautiful song! since now. I’m cheering for the success of their new work!

the THIRTEEN has to much releases with to soft A-Sides, The name the THIRTEEN doesn’t match with this kind of music. I am kinda dissapointed that this is once again such a release.

I’m a sucker for ballad-y songs, so I like this a lot! Also the mv looks wonderful :heart_eyes: