The Vapes new single "Revenge" release

The Vapes 4th single “Revenge” will be released at 2023/01/09.

“The Vapes” members:
Vocal: Nana
Guitar: イワタヒロヤ(Hiroya Iwata)
Bass: 小川和也(Kazuya Ogawa) (ex.Andend boom)
Drums: 五十嵐泰司(Taiji Igarashi) (PINK NEON STREET)


Nana’s comment on the song M-16:

Hello. My name is Nana. I’m a vocalist of The Vapes. Thank you for watching the music video. I have something to say to you. This song is said to be similar to Nirvana. I’m not imitating. I respect them very much. I didn’t imitate it maliciously, but I wanted you to feel it as a respectful homage. This is a song that expresses my determination to live even when I’m 27 years old. Thank you for reading to the end.


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