The various activities of project "R.I.P." + disbandment

New project “R.I.P.” has formed. They will hold their first live at 2021/01/29.
Their new live-limited single “失楽園-Scattering greed-” will be released at 2020/03/22.

“R.I.P.” members:
vo.天草 潤(Amakusa Jun) (ex.Roub, アマノジャクシ(Amanojacushi), I.V.Y)
gt.罪-SIN- (ex.MARIA’N † ROSA, Venelli (vo.蘭-Ran-))



Amanojakushi just disband or go on hitus,
And now a new project and live-limited single…
Jun just don’t wanna give up, huh?

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アマノジャクシ(Amanojacushi) has been inactive since 2021/01/17.

Wow, the drummer just oozes energy and the hits even line up like half the time.


They should have called the band “False Pixy False”

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LOL THE DRUMMER. They have to compensate for his total lack of energy with flashes and hard cuts.

vo.天草 潤(Amakusa Jun) might be in the running for most generic visual kei vocalist of all time. Does he do harsh vocals or anything crazy at all?

basic scene girlies: yasss MCR formed back we’re getting life hunni!!!

visual kei scene girlies: here comes another 2005 flashback act, we are getting RILL FED

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omg I am in love. I’m here for this shitty D-grade band. I stanso hard. :sob:

I lost this boy’s activity since Roub, but it sounds OK

This handycam PV is really selling me a brand of indie-trash-kei I haven’t seen in quite some time. Pretty good song, too, actually??? I am intrigued.


You can really tell when VK bands film videos somewhere that they’re not allowed to make noise haha.

The people that live upstairs def did not sign off on the drummer actually hitting anything.


So they didn’t stick the third track of their live distributed single on the mini?

New Look:



that looks so good!

aww, what a lovely smile!!! music is fine.

I always appreciate it when Visual Kei artist use a group photo as album cover.


憐花 sounds very nice~

these pics though they are more than deserving of being the CD cover

I cant tell if the the album cover is a drawing or not. Im prob blind. Honestly im confused on WTF this vocalist is into.