This dude joined a vk band and I'm jelly

His name is CDawgVA and the band he joined for a night is Acme .I so wanna be near Shogo and just be in his blissful presence.
wanna see it?: (unfortunately yt doesn’t offer smellavision )


Ah, the life of a Youtuber.

“I’ve never been able to get into VK”
“I know nothing about VK”
and yet they’re able to somehow have candid conversations and even get themselves on stage with a real band.

R.I.P. the thousands of fans who’ve been into the genre for decades and have no hope of ever having an experience like this.

At least this puts a spotlight on VK.

I really hope this Youtuber paid ACME handsomely and not just in ‘exposure’.


This is hilarious, I matched with that dude in Tokyo on Tinder last year and that video was my idea hahahaha thanks for the credit fam

Did he do host club for a day too? Cause also my idea. The dude was fresh off the boat and alluded to paying me to work for him and in the end just got a bunch of free ideas from me smh :rofl:


Maybe thats one of the parts that is good.
I mean… I would be a stuttering mess infront of most of the groups i listen to and probably infront of those i don’t know too :woman_shrugging:

I think he mentioned that he did an episode in a host club too, or i saw it somewhere in the recommendations
(maybe you should call him out for stealing all your ideas and not even giving a shoutout to you :woman_shrugging:)

Personally i liked his video. He did not make fun of it, or was sarcastic about it. Its funny that they “forced” him to go through the cheki stuff too :joy:


Learning about the way they do Cheki’s was really cool and the guy seemed pretty open to the entire culture.
Although I’m jealous of him and in an ideal world it would’ve been a huge VK fan, it had to be someone that knew almost nothing about the scene, it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining otherwise.


I’m sure we all cringed at times… but it’s really nice to see any attention on VK in the mainstream… even if its a decade too late :crazy_face:


He did, it seems.

Duuude. lol

Whatever, he is not the only person to jack my ideas while talking about hiring me then running off and making $$ doing it on their own last year so lesson learned. It’s hard pitching ideas without revealing them though, I guess I’m just not good at business. At least people enjoyed the content so good for him :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Sorry for the thread derail!


i’m glad vk is getting this kind of exposure


I’m glad that the bandomen themselves get to talk about why they chose VK and what makes it special, etc. I thought this was gonna be a “Look at these Japanese freaks!” exploitation video at first but instead it seems like a genuine exploration of the current scene. Props to him for that. It makes for a nice vid, and I hope this gives ACME and co. some good PR.

Gosh, I hope he paid them properly for the VIP treatment, though these influencer types can usually weasel their way out of any kind of compensation… I will admit, it’s hard to not see this vid as privileged knowing that the rest of us who’ve poured our love, time and money into the scene will be lucky just to even go to a live performance in Japan, let alone actually talk to a bandoman.


lmao MH died less than two weeks ago and VK pronto got picked up by vloggers with more clout than yohio ever had at any point.

universe working hard to fill the void!


Maybe MH died to save VK and us all. :dizzy_face:


vk gods accepting the sacrifice be like:


GACKT’s next:

EDIT: Not gonna lie, these anitubers/jvloggers are really stepping up their game in terms of content.

For anyone wondering Chris from Abroad in Japan did a video with Hyde as well:

Now I’m not really sure who is Japan’s biggest rock star :thinking:

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Mana is a Goddess <3

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Can’t be Hyde because he doesn’t have an obnoxious fucking red arrow pointing at his face.

Youtubers. Ugh.

I saw the Hyde video about a month ago and Hyde’s face freaked me out. He sure as hell doesn’t believe in aging gracefully.


his face has very typical aging patterns of someone staying on depression meds for some time.

sukekiyo fronteusse is another very visible example of this, except he’s not 50 yet, and he’s been looking busted for last half-decade.


I’m speculating that Hyde had face work done. That face is not natural.

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i don’t doubt he went under the knife when l’arc blew up, but his current face looks pretty much like laruku of late 2000s with the very specific droopy look to the lower half of it that is often caused by ADs

if you mean the vaguely ghoulish vibe he has rn it’s not exactly new either