Thoughts on hi-res audio/3D audio

Does anyone here listen to hi-res (basically better than CD-quality) music or 3D music? I recently found out about it after seeing AV receivers advertising it and I’m curious what people’s thoughts are on it, especially regarding Japanese music in particular. Could you tell the difference? I’m not even sure if there is any Japanese music in 3D but it would be cool if there was.

Personally I really like my CDs and don’t see myself not buying them in the future but I’m definitely open to other avenues for listening to music. Would be nice to hear other people’s opinions and experiences.

I’d have to try it. What makes music 3D?

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Well, there’s 5.1 Surround, which is fairly old hat these days, I guess.

Lately Atmos has had quite a few releases. That’s where you have two extra speakers in the ceiling. It’s cool, although gimmicky and you need a room to convert specifically for it.

If ‘3D audio’ is different from these, I have no idea.

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binaural recording, try some in youtube

Hi-Res and 3D audio is not the same thing though. Hi-Res is bit rate something is recorded in. 3D audio has more to do with how sound is recorded and manipulated to create a 3D affect.

CD quality apparently is transparent enough for regular people so I never bothered collecting “higher resolution” music.


Sorry I should have explained more. 3D audio is basically Dolby Atmos Music or Sony 360 Reality Audio. It seems like they’re only available on a few music streaming services. Most music is recorded in stereo using only the front speakers so I guess the thought is that by adding more surround effects 3D audio can immerse listeners in the music more.

There’s also music recorded in 5.1 which I guess you could also call 3D audio. I guess a good example would be the song playing during the end credits of a movie. Historically 5.1 or 7. 1 audio was limited to TV shows and movies while music was mostly recorded in stereo and 3D audio seems like an attempt to change that.

Dolby Atmos in general is basically the next step up from 5.1. It requires a sound system with either up-firing speakers, front height speakers, or speakers actually installed in the ceiling and a compatible AV receiver. The main purpose of the height speakers is to add an extra dimension to the listening experience (e.g. when a plane is flying overhead in a movie). A lot of streaming services and Blurays have Atmos tracks. Dolby Atmos Music is supposed to translate that effect to music.

Hi res loooooooooool
Master reel is where the shits at
Just got pink Floyd “wish you were here” and every song is worth a gb

BTW you better have like hk speakers or something better than a 200$ headphones to actually hear the quality

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Just dropping by to remind everyone that the MQA format that Tidal uses is not really lossless and should be ignored.