Thousand Eyes new album "BETRAYER" release

Thousand Eyes 4th album “BETRAYER” will be released at 2022/07/20.

01.Garden Of Thorns
02.Dead Blind Nightfall
03.Everlasting Trail
04.Behind Blue Tears
06.Bastard Angel
07.Dogmatic Stigma
08.Vanishing Hope
09.Crimson Sentinel
10.Shadow Dancer
11.Eye Of The Hate

Bonus disc in Deluxe Edition:
01.Lunatic Shadow
03.Under The Red Sky
04.Fictional Vision
05.Last Rebellion (acoustic)
06.Black Sun (acoustic)

I add a video clip in case you don’t know the project.



I did tune out of these guys a while ago. For being the spiritual successors to Thousand Leaves, they fall more into the metalcore realm than the melodic death metal style they had previously. This is still pretty good though, especially when that guitar lead comes through during the chorus. A bit of that doujin flavor leaks through.

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Elder ring

It looked like Artorias from dark souls with the dead arm looking pose

Also DS3 irithyll background

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It’s been some time…