Tips for going to venues and concerts?

hii this is my first post so I hope i’m doing this right, tell me if i’m not please!!

I am going to Anime Weekend Atlanta, and Kumoricon soon, JILUKA and ACME will be preforming. I have never been to a Vkei concert so I was wondering if anybody has tips, experiences, or just general things to tell me about?
I was also wondering if furitsuke is used in America as commonly as its used in japan?
thank you! any info helps!

curious to know if anybody else is going as well! ;3


For the most part, American concert rules apply for anime con shows.

Some fans might do furitsuke, but probably mainly the die hards who have bought DVDs and studied the fans…and the people standing directly behind them. Or perhaps, they’re literally making the moves up as they go.

Either way, it’s up to you.

They may or may not have rules against photography/videos.


Invest in ear protection. Buy musicians’ earplugs which reduce the volume without making the sound muffled.

Once your hearing is damaged, it’s permanent. Living with tinnitus is hell.


THIS X 100! Strap it to your keys so you won’t forget them at home. Concerts can be loud as hell.

My usual setup for going to concerts is to grab GA ticket, get there about an hour to hour and a half early to get a good spot on line. Once the doors open, beeline right for the merch table, take a pit stop at the bathroom, then find myself a good, elevated spot. If there are seats, I usually take one. Paying for seats can be worth it at longer concerts!


Totally agree.

Even with the big “3m earmuffs” you will hear the concert perfectly and wont regret later. Just dont be afraid people will look at you weirdly :laughing:.

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Bright guitar amps and loud hi-hats gave me tinnitus from when I used to gig without protection as a teenager and in my early 20’s (Ampeg amps also fucked up my back hahaha). I cannot agree with this enough - please invest in earplugs of some sort!!! Good earplugs will allow you to hear everything as it’s meant to be heard without smothering the sound like those shitty foam ones do


Also recommending ear protection. The wax type swimmer earplugs always worked well for me because my weird ear-holes don’t take other types.

It’s been an age since I’ve been to a concert at a convention, but it was always a blast. The bands sometimes try to lead the crowd in some moves but usually give up after a while because nobody’s knows what’s going on lol

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