Tips how to find 2000-2010 VK

I’m gonna keep it short cause my older post got deleted. Not that I advertised anything or went against copyrights but w/e. Anyone has a way to find hidden gems? This is a question. I really love 2000-2010ish era VK but it’s nearly impossible to find besides what’s already on YT. For the last 10 years more and more has disappeared. I sometimes purchase cds that are being re-selled but even those are hard to find nowadays. Do not post links under this post please. Also looking for a buddy/friend that is into the same genre. It would mean the world. I’ve been into this genre for 15 years and I’ll probably take it to the grave, including @ the funeral.


Everyone is allowed to post a link, as long it’s a link to a webshop or a link to an item to buy. We do not support piracy on this forum so therefore that’s the only thing that we don’t allow here.


To get back to this topic beside my mod-post:

Most people buy their gems through auctions, some of our members do that too and you’ll find some nice gems.

I think closetchild would also be a good webshop to find some older things for decent prices, sometimes it’s overpriced depending on rarity. I’ve used that webshop some years ago and it worked well and stuff arrived all very smoothly.


Auctions, private sellers and second hand shops really are sadly the only way to go to get old VK stuff legally. With auctions the pond of rare stuff has become dry and private sellers on ebay and mercari now charge you an arm and a leg for once really common releases (especially demo tapes) - and it’s not going to get better.

The problem is that Japan seems to be really bad when it comes to maintain out of stock catalogues. Old releases are rarely reprinted or restocked and old / defunct bands and labels rarely put their stuff online for buying or streaming. And then you have people who collect stuff just to show off, who never intend to do anything with their 20 multiple copies of the same, sealed and never opened demo tape / demo CD. That has also caused some common, cheap releases to completely vanish and prices to go up.

I’d advice you to start collecting physical releases of pre 2010 stuff right now before that becomes an impossible task (and before the data rot has destroyed most old CDs). I highly advice you to find a shopping service that can acquire goods from mercari, because that’s where most japanese sellers are nowadays. Yahoo auctions is fine, from time to time you will be able to find something, but it’s not what it used to be.


Follow Malformed Box on YouTube. They occasionally upload some hidden gems from that time period. :grinning:


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