Today is the 25th anniversary of hide's death (X JAPAN)

Not too many words. A tragedy all around. A beloved man who gave a lot of inspiration to those in the J-rock/VK scene. Gone too soon

Yoshiki sang Forever Love at his funeral. I think it’s only natural I blast that song repeatedly.

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Just imagine the scene if he were still alive today. Why can’t we live in an alternate timeline where good stuff happens like him not dying instead of children’s books and other Mandela effects.

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:pray::pray: RIP Legend


A hide tribute by また春に会いましょう。a duo unit by 来夢 (キズ) and SORA (DEZERT)

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R.I.P. king, thx for all the cool solo stuff and of course one of my favorite X songs:

I’m always a sucker for Goodbye no matter when it was performed live:

Koji Suzuki (ex- Ex-ans, Deep, Monkey Trick) has on occasion played at some hide memorial events and his nasally voice is so similar to hide’s that I would be perfectly fine if he went full time as a hide cover act.

I remember hearing about his death as “Iconic Rock star from Japan, Hide, from the group X-Japan , has died.” And remembered being hella confused years later when I was introduced by L’arc-en-ciel and finding out the lead singer was named Hyde. I was like “hold up…”