Toshi's new song... I wonder who it is about?

Yeah, It’s apparently months old, but I had missed this one.
No prizes for guessing correclty who this is addressed to. No love lost for sure…

I’ll refrain from commenting on Toshi’s newfound happiness playing country fairs and malls in front of uninterested moms (and just the extremely cringey nature of everything he’s doing now), and instead leave you with the raw material to judge:



"Anything is possible
Walk the walk
I’ve had enough of the lies and tricks
By helping others, I’m saved
So speechless with all the flat-out hypocrisy
Narcissist drowning in [his] own crocodile tears
Shocking tragedies only a farce
Pretentiousness disguised as inferiority complex
Dark grey rose thorns piercing a cornered heart
Poisoned to the bone

You’ve been hiding loneliness and fear
Paranoia and endless competition
Spine-chilling Jealousy
A rusty knife that’s shredding your life to pieces
The pain a desperate cry for help

Expose the truth, the dark dirty wounds
You behave outrageously as if nobody could see your egotism
Destroy this dark fantasy
With a beautiful melody
Heard inside your truth
That deep crimson you had back then

Try to feel comfort in your soul
Can you hear me, my shout
May it echo deep in your heart

SHOUT Flight
SHOUT Passion
SHOUT Happiness
SHOUT Real love"


was it him or was it ryuichi recording a CM song for probiotic soft stool tofu (?) or something like that a few yrs ago? mainstrean japan is honestly not for the faint of heart

This is so surreal to see.

Once, back in 2016 or so, i saw Loudness in a suburb near Dallas, playing to a crowd of maybe 50. The crowd had as much energy as this one.

I enjoyed being there, and i imagine i’d enjoy being at this show too. You can hear some of the melodies and understand instantly, with no doubt - it’s the same guy who sang 紅 and Dahlia. And i got to hear This Lonely Heart not even ten feet away from that band, the stage was so close.

It gives me an emotion that isn’t all good or bad, it’s just interesting and undescribable.

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