Trashy songs/bands you can’t help but like

Okay I tried to see if this is already a topic but I couldn’t find anything specific, so hopefully I’m not making a duplicate post. Have you ever listened to a song and been like “wow this is hot garbage” but can’t help but like it anyway? I’m curious what those might be for you all (mainly because I am an avid fan of trashy music and want to discover some more). I will start: Noir Fleurir - Boden. It’s one of the ugliest pieces of music I’ve ever heard and I listen to it everyday

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anything by devil kitty


Wow Hello Katty sounds god awful. I will now listen to it 10 more times

Any and everything by Elektel Shiki.

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I love this omg lmao

Anything by Yuga actually

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so much VK falls into this category, I’d say most of it does