TUYU (ツユ) will disband due to Gt. ぷす (Pusu) attempted murder

Hold on to your seats for this one. I don’t report news, but when I do it’s wild.

TUYU is formerly a 3 man band from Japan featuring three men and one women. They were very active and known in vocaloid circles. Vocalist 礼衣(Rei), pianist miro, and support manager AzyuN have all announced departure from the band, because it has surfaced that composer/guitarist ぷす (Pusu) (real name Maya Yano) was arrested after attempting to kill his girlfriend with a knife in her sleep. He managed to stab her in the chest with a kitchen knife, and the plan was to commit suicide after, but he could not go through with it. He then called the police and turned himself in.

The victim is in stable condition.

Because Pusu owns the rights to the band TUYU, the other members have decided to depart instead of removing him from the band.

Official announcement is below.


what the fuck

police also described the victim as a girl in her late teens…so dude was also a pedo! surprise!!!


had me in the first half not gonna lie. It went from “Normal as Norway” to “welcome to Florida!” Damn, hope the girl is okay physically, I know she’s gonna be needing therapy for that :frowning:

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In what paralel world are we that dating a 19 yo makes you a pedo?


where do you see that she’s 19?

The definition of teenager tends to differ depending on context. The traditional age of adulthood was considered to be 20, but in 2018 the Japanese government enacted a bill (which took effect in 2022) to lower the age from 20 to 18. However, some rights and privileges, such as drinking, smoking, and gambling, are still unavailable to those under 20. Therefore, in Japan, a teenager could be considered anyone between the ages of 13 and 19.

This article indicates that the victim is a “minor”, which is considered anyone under the age of 20.

Sources aren’t reporting her age, but considering that they’re all referencing a “teenage girl”, 19 seems to be the most reasonable upper bound. Could just as easily be 18 though. And really, is there that much of a difference???

It’s at this point that I need to remind people of The Formula. If you’re ever wondering “is this person I want to date too young for me?”, the answer is usually YES. But in case you need a second opinion, take your age, half it, and add seven.

(30 / 2) + 7 = 21/22

19 is too damn young.

Shueisha published an article with more details:


I wondered if someone was going to cover this one here, as it’s made the rounds on other places I frequent. Terrible situation for everyone involved. I’ve been enjoying their catalog after the news broke, so I’m looking forward to what the departed members have in store for the future.


“a girl in her late teens”

You don’t describe 17 year olds like that.

Generally men consider 18-19 year olds the most attractive, it’s basic biology because women in that age are the most fertile. It’s not a coincidence that it’s one of the most searched term on p*rn sites, yet they are not pedophiles.

And aside from that, it’s incredibly harmful to actual pedophile/grooming victims to call some random psycho a pedo when he is in fact not one.

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I would have assumed he was shagging their own groupie, but idk if women even listen to vocaloid music

anyway it’s refreshing the news aren’t a VK darling’s making, I hope the victim recovers well.

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Please don’t focus on the age difference. The age difference is a secondary factor, even though it is gross. This psycho tried to murder someone innocent in their sleep. Doesn’t matter if he’s a pedophile or not, and he’s not deserving of being defended from the title either.

The only 30 years olds interested in fucking 18 year olds would go lower if they could.


Im sure Leonardo Dicaprio wants to bone 5 year olds and the only thing preventing him are those pesky laws…

The age gap between 10s and 30s is not the same thing as the age gap between 20s and 40s. First of all. Especially in Japan, where they cultivate (absolutely gross) lolicon culture and forcing women to look like children until they obviously can’t do it due the physical appearance. They officially lowered the age, like, last year, and one of the first thing the Japanese society was discussing - “is it legal now to watch adult video if the actress is 18”.

The guy is an obvious psycho and he don’t need to be advocated.