UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ Gt.MASATO & Gt.呼太郎(Kotaro) will depart + indefinite hiatus

UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ Gt.MASATO & Gt.呼太郎(Kotaro) will graduate at the early of February 2024.
Due to this, UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ has decided to suspend its activities indefinitely.



That’s sad. Saw them live once in Calgary, and though not the biggest fan, I appreciate their commitment to the scene.

I got their email earlier today. Normally I don’t read it as it tends to be about live stuff, but this time there was a lot of text in it. So I started to translate it and found out about the break-up.
Been listening and a fan of them since 2007 when TERRA was about to be released.
The email said that the remaining members might start a new project, but nothing has been planned yet.
It was also interesting to read that MASATO basically left because Kotaro would leave, as he could not see a future of the band without him.

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That’s surprising. I always assumed MASATO would be in until the end.

Same! He’s been in the band since 1999.
Now Angel-TAKA and 叫 are the longest remaining members (late 80’s/early 90’s and 1998 respectively) from the original line-up.