umbrella re-recorded mini-album "monochrome" release

umbrella re-recorded mini-album “monochrome” wlll be released at 2024/05/15 (3850yen)
“monochrome” has been released at 2012

1 セカイノオワルヲト
2 風穴
3 ワスレナグサ
4 モノクローム
5 太陽光線
6 微熱
7 LoV
8 風見鶏


I love that they are re-recording there stuff. The originals arent the best quality wise. Awesome :sunglasses:

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Great news <3

The release is available to pre-order in their web shop

There is news report on visunavi explains the decision about.

Monochrome was a mini-album containing songs that are still frequently requested as ‘songs I want to hear’.
The songs are rare and not available on music distribution services, so it is difficult to get people to listen to them.
The songs were brushed up in phrases, etc., and reworked with the current sound.
The result is a soundtrack that is even more polished.
To coincide with the release of the finished sound source.
~translated by deepL


Yes happy to hear that :blush:

They will be on RADIO NACK5 on 05/17, i am looking forward to hear the new versions.

My copy is already ordered :heart_eyes:

Really pretty, foresty type of sound throughout. Honestly just very relaxing but a little dreamy, like lying on a bed of moss and watching fairies flit around above you.