Unli Furps will disband

Unli Furps (fka Unli Faps) will disband on 2/27 after vy Tark birthday live, “Melanophren” at Takadanobaba Club Phase.


I guess the unlimited furps did indeed have a limit.


They just never got anywhere.

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VK is over, or has at least run out of Furps.


About time. I was wondering when they will disband. Surprised they lasted this long with that name :joy:

Yep. Saw that coming.

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Do female members hurt the popularity potential of a Visual Kei band? His voice didn’t help matters either.

Only listened to them for the first time now, and the vocalist sounds very low-energy (^^;)
(Not like I’m any better tho lol)

an attempt was made

Had anyone ever heard of them before?

That was fast.

Wait they had a female member?!?

no lol, i think he’s talking about his voice being effeminate

Oh yeah, we clowned on them so hard they changed their name from Unli Faps to Unli Furps.


Sadly not too surprising imo

No I legit thought Ren was a woman, news to me. I haven’t paid attention to them since that first look though so he probably doesn’t look like that anymore.

That didn’t last for too long. Their band names will be remembered. xD


Listend the first time now to there stuff and I like it. Hope the Vocalist forms a new band soon. v:

btw just found out that Ba.vy Tark is ex-Mistral → Gelnica (on guitar)

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Just bought there Single last week, still das they are Hope.
Hope there Vocal comes back in a new Band soon :pray: