Nao is best friend of Genki (actually they are like brothers) They never stopped hanging together since Nao leave Vanessa,
Koichi was the last member of Mejibray who Genki stoped to talk , they never weren’t that friends, maybe because their relationship ended too.
Genki is Xanvala number one supporter (as a friend ) for a reason haha


Thank you for sharing this info thanks :pray:


Your welcome :smiley:

here is a picture of them from 2016. Vanessa members always reffer themselves as a family instead of only Friends. They are super close each other


I know this is a bit off topic but I mean this makes me wonder. If this was the case at that time in 2016 they prob could have replaced koichi from mejibray since he had a falling out with the band. They probably could have kept mejibray alive still since koichi was apart of the original line up of Vanessa and they replaced if for this revival. Maybe there were other factors to mejibrays disbandment I didn’t account for. To my knowledge koichi doesn’t wanna go back to mejibray? O-o

This aside I find it cool that they are close friends I know some bands this is the case that’s why they just never die out or it takes a long time for them to separate.

I share here other picture of Genki and 70. :eyes:
I can share more things if someone is interested on their long time friendship.