VARIE returns from hiatus

In November of 2019, VARIE announced they would be going on an indefinite hiatus. After almost 2 years, they have announced their return along with a new look!

Individual member photos:

Vocal: Rion

Guitar: Kai

Bass: Rubito

Drums: Aira

They will hold their first live as a returning band on September 13, 2021 at Takadanobaba AREA.

What’re your thoughts? I’m personally crying because this is my honmei band. Everyone doubted them and said they were completely disbanded, but they’re back! :two_hearts:

Also yes, that’s the same Rubito that’s in R.I.P. right now, lol.

I never understood why so many people stanned this band (like DazzlingBad) even though they were around for a year or so, but good for them. Hopefully they’ll do something that will make me take them seriously.

there’s other western stans besides me? (lol)
i haven’t seen anyone on western side even know of varie besides one of my twitter mutuals so this surprises me to hear… where are these tons of fans hiding?!

There’s like 20 people in their live

Their vocalist is hella cute … fuck it i’ll stan

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I heard a preview of one of their songs a while ago and really liked it but was never able to find any full songs by them so I forgot about them, happy to see them back.

the only way to listen to the two songs they released is by buying the CD. however, they did upload/release a 3rd song on their youtube channel with a live lyric video. their other songs did not get a release and only heard at their lives.
i own the cd, but i personally won’t be sharing the files.

Do they still sell it? If so where? Never saw anything about where they were selling it just that they were so I assumed it was probably live limited or something.

they were still selling it for a while last year, but couldn’t do overseas shipping. so now your best bet is hoping a copy comes up secondhand! although i’m sure now that they’re back, they’ll sell them again.