Viewon changes to VIEWON and restarts activities

Viewon, the duo that was formed by KAZAMI (DaizyStripper) and Hikarito (AIOLIN) and stopped their activities as Hikarito stopped his, has returned as VIEWON!
According to VIEWON’s official X account, VIEWON will restart activities with both members using their romanized names, KAZAMI and KANATA YUMISHIRO (in English name order).
*Just in case anyone doesn’t know, Hikarito has changed his name into 弓代星空 (KANATA YUMISHIRO) and has a new band called AURORIZE.

First visual as VIEWON:

VIEWON’s first song “ASHIMA” MV teaser:

Based on the visual and the MV teaser, seems that VIEWON is going to be a rock duo!

I’m also sharing some facts about Viewon in case anyone doesn’t know them either.

Viewon originally began their activities as “風弥〜Kazami〜&ヒカリト” in 2019. Since the two bandmen’s participation in Frantic EMIRY~second crisis~, they have known each other better and become like brothers. Both being classically trained, they felt that they must do something together. And so the duo was formed.

In 2020, they officially named the duo as “Viewon” and released two music videos. Their aim was to bring listeners miscellaneous views through their music, and their music style basically could be called impressionism.

They also held some concerts, street lives, etc.
(I watched all the livestreams of their concerts. They were pretty good!)
Sadly the duo stopped activities in 2021 after AIOLIN announced disbandment and Hikarito announced that he’d stop his activities as Hikarito.

Sooooooo glad to see them come back! I think their music style will remain as impressionism… but one with rock elements!


Here’s also a playlist of their live videos:

There have been some live collabs between KAZAMI and KANATA YUMISHIRO since the latter resumed his activities.
And also this collab cover video:

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I had the oppurtunity to see those two in August and it was wonderful.
I wasn’t expecting the accustic in this building would be this good, but otherwise Yumishiro wouldn’t play there that often. XD
Good to see they’re back with their project. ^^

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I really wished the music sounded like the pictures look (or the other way around).

I‘m certain there will be something really good coming out of this though.

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OMG, I’m so jealous of you!
Hope I can fly to Japan and see their concert someday :laughing:

The full song is out to listen to with a PV.


There’ll also be an album!
Details tba

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In case anyone doesn’t understand Japanese, “ASHIMA” is about the past (the story of Viewon) and the future (KAZAMI and Yumishiro-san’s will and promise to continue the story of VIEWON).

p.s. “No Rain, No Rainbow” is also the title of the concert Viewon held after their announcement about stopping activities.

An interesting song with a lot of love for instruments and an MV with passion for fashion. XD
I’m curious for future releases. ^^

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Lol that is so true
Yumishiro-san has looooots of passion for fashion XD It also shows in like, every photo he posts on Instagram XD He really looks like a fashion model in those photos :+1:
He has also started posting funny photos as well. Definitely something not to be missed :joy:

Can’t wait to learn more about the upcoming album!

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“ASHIMA” is digitally released today!

Composer: KAZAMI

They’ve announced the title of the upcoming album! It’s called “VALHALLA”!
In addition, it will be released sometime between spring and summer next year!
Can’t wait for the release hhh